A good guitar is where you find it. -Larry Henrikson
 Ax In Hand Guitars has been in business since 1964 in DeKalb, Illinois. It began as Larry Henrikson's personal lesson studio. From the beginning, he was carrying instruments. Larry quickly developed a reputation for his incredible talent and his his effective teaching style. His lesson studio continued to strengthen and he carried more guitars until he officially re-named the store Ax In Hand Guitars in the fall of 1969. Larry quickly started to notice a superior quality in vintage instruments. At a time when most stores saw early guitars as simply used junk, Larry saw them as beautiful examples of artistry and craftsmanship. When the vintage market began to take off, Ax In Hand Guitars became the "go to" spot for professionals and hobbyists alike. Players like Bryan Setzer, Joan Jett, INXS, Rick Nielson, Doobie Brothers, and many othes have all visited or purchased from this legendary store. Even Fender Guitars recognized the quality of our vintage collection and in the early 1980's, they sent representatives to examine our vintage Fender collection. After purchasing some examples, Fender used what they found at Ax In Hand Guitars to help start their vintage re-issue line. Prototypes were sent back to Larry Henrikson to inspect and offer feedback. In November of 2000, Larry Henrikson passed away. His children recognized the important role the store had in the local community and the guitar industry. They took ownership of the store and have been continuing the important work their father started. Through working with their father, the Henrikson brothers have developed a formidable knowledge about vintage instruments, quality repairs, and guitar lessons.
Since 1964
Ax In Hand Guitars 817 W. Lincoln Highway Dekalb, Il (815) 758 8898